Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your locations?

Our retail collaboration with The Detroit Shipping Co. is located at 474 Peterboro Street, Detroit, MI 48201.

Our container is on the second floor, to the right of the main entrance.

Our main production facility is located at 3861 W. 12 Mile Rd., Berkley, MI 48072

Our entrance and parking lot are in the back of the building. There is no access to our parking lot from 12 Mile. Please use the side streets Cummings (to the west) or Bacon (to the east) to access our parking lot from the alley south of 12 mile.


DSC by Armadillo

Do you guys only sell clothing?

For the time being, yes.  We have plans to expand the line to various other products such as pint glasses, shot glasses, bottle openers and more.


Can I purchase youth or ladies' sizing of your products?

For the time being we are only offering unisex sizing from Adult XS up to Adult XXL.  We will alter our line and sizing based on feedback from patrons.


Who manufactures the clothing you provide?

All DSC apparel is printed on the American Apparel BB401W, 50/50 cotton/polyester blend shirt.  The BB401W is the "worldwide" version of the shirt, hence the W in it's name. It is made in various facilities around the world that are owned and operated by American Apparel and offer the same sweatshop free, ethically made product that is available from the Los Angeles production facility.


Isn't American Apparel product more fitted than an average shirt?

Yes, American Apparel is what is considered to be a "fashion fit" product.  It is recommended that you size up one size when purchasing to ensure a comfortable fit.  For instance, if you typically wear an Adult Large shirt, you may want to bump up to an Adult XL to avoid the shirt feeling too small.  The 50/50 blend of the BB401W that we're using should help limit some shrinkage during washing, but due to the cotton content, you should expect some slight shrinkage.


What are your recommended care instructions for your product?

We recommend that you wash your apparel inside out, in a color-safe cold washer setting, and hang dry to prolong the the life of the shirt and avoid excessive shrinking.  If you must dry DSC apparel in a dryer, we recommend the lowest heat setting possible.  Due to the variations in heat settings between washers and dryers, we can't guarantee the effectiveness of these instructions.  They are simply guidelines that we have found to be the most successful.


I'm hosting an event at the DSC.  Do you offer on-site, on-demand printing for events?

The short answer is, yes!  For the long answer, please visit our page that is dedicated to event printing!

Custom Orders

What is the minimum order?

Our minimum order is 12 pieces with the same decoration. This can be a mix of different styles like t-shirts and hoodies (within reason), as long as all pieces can get the same print. This means that the print on all items in your order will be limited by the item with the smallest printable area, so if your order has youth sizes and adult sizes the logo on the larger sizes will be proportionately smaller on the shirt. 


Can I bring in my own shirts?

We highly recommend purchasing your shirts from us. Shirts from our distributors are guaranteed to work with our decoration processes, and we have a wide variety of styles available. That said, we will print on items you bring in. However, we assume no liability for misprints on supplied stock, even if it was clearly our mistake. If we ruin a garment you supply, we will not replace it.

If you bring in your own product, please be sure that it is brand new. Please unpack any items that are individually packaged. Please separate any items getting different decoration.

If you are having product drop-shipped from a wholesaler, please notify us in advance and use appropriate purchase order tags such as your name, your company's name, team name, etc.  Sorting, bag opening, any additional handling will incur fees. 


How long is the turn around time?

Standard is two weeks from the time your order is placed, which we consider to be when we have all of the information regarding sizes, artwork, etc necessary to complete your order. Changes to your order once placed will extend turn around. Major holidays may extend turn around.

If you are working with a deadline, please let us know when you need your order (when you need it, not the day of your event!) and we will do our best to work with you. Rush turn around is available for an additional charge.


What are the price breaks?

Starting with our minimum order of 12 pieces per design, there are price breaks each time your order quantity doubles.


What are your print dimensions?

Our maximum standard print size for t-shirts is 14" wide by 18" tall. Print sizes vary by design as each project is different. For a normal chest or back print, we generally recommend 11-12" wide for adult shirts and 9-10" for youth and women's shirts.


How much is the setup for printing?

If you are purchasing shirts from us, there is no screen set up fee. Screen charges will apply for customer-supplied product. Original artwork setup is a separate charge. For embroidery, there is a one-time digitizing charge to set up your logo that varies depending on the complexity of the design.


Do you do samples?

We provide a digital mockup of all decorated items before production at no additional cost. Screen printed samples can be done, but please note that the initial setup cost and turn around time of a printed sample is extremely prohibitive on most smaller orders. A pre-production sample can be provided on any single color print order of 100 or more pieces, or any multi=color print order of 500 or more pieces, at no extra charge. Pre-production embroidery sew outs are available. Samples will extend turn around. 


What format do you prefer for artwork?

We prefer to receive your artwork in the following digital formats:

.ai (adobe illustrator)

.psd (adobe photoshop)


.pdf (vector editable)

.jpeg or .bitmap in the highest resolution available (300dpi or higher is suggested)


You are also welcome to bring in other hand-drawn, or camera ready artwork as well.

Customers sending art in Word format (.doc) or Powerpoint (.ppt), as well as sending a low resolution jpeg embedded in any of the above formats will incur an art fee.


I have an idea of what I want, but I don’t know how to put it together.  Can you set it up for me?

We would be more than happy to bring your idea to reality.  We have artists on hand that can create custom artwork at your request, but please note that there may be additional fees depending on the time involved in bringing your idea to fruition.  If you are developing a clothing line or series of designs and need additional consultation, please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your project.

If you are unable to find an answer to your query via this page, please feel free to contact us!